I am a sister and I am raising two sisters.  I don’t think sisterhood gets enough attention in our world.  My mom always said she wished that she had a sister and that having a sister was one of the greatest gifts in life.  In my memory, she only ever said this to me when I was screaming about hating my sister and how I wished I didn’t have one.  Since she didn’t have one, I didn’t trust her opinion.  Now I know she was absolutely right, of course.

Current research says that sibling relationships are the most impactful of our entire lives. Current research also says that thriving relationships and deep personal connections are the key to happiness.  My own research says peace and love will flourish when sisterhood is celebrated.  Why not invest in one of the most important and enduring relationships of your life?

I know, it’s complicated.  She likes to craft and is always late.  You run a tight household and feel guilty for not always having time to chat with her when she calls.

You like to read, always order pepperoni pizza, and prefer to be in by 9 o’clock.  She’s vegan, starts making margaritas at 9 o’clock, and has 18 pairs of yellow shoes.

On the other hand, you both loved Nana’s date-pinwheel cookies, drawing pictures with markers on dried out Wet-Ones in the backseat of the sedan on the long drive to Uncle Orion’s house, and making salt water taffy (but only when it rained on a Sunday).


“The  sibling relationship is life’s longest lasting relationship, longer, for most of us by a quarter century, than our ties to our parents.”

The Sibling Bond by Stephen Bank and Michael Kahm